There are times when I feel smart and confident. There are points in my life where I think of myself as an effective communicator and have a decent grasp of language.

After listening to this absolutely perfect and courageous answer from Stephen Fry to one of the questions often thrown around by believers, I question my ability to make a coherent thought. This answer is AMAZING. Well worth watching!!


Nikki Moungo.  Nikki Moungo.  Nikki Moungo.

Thank you for speaking and sharing the truth at the Ballwin Alderman meetings for a second time (here’s the first).

When a majority seeks to impose a belief system on a minority using their own tax dollars, citizens need to stand up and fight against such bullying.  This is exactly what was at stake in Ballwin Missouri.  And exactly what Nikki Moungo was fighting against.


The Board in Ballwin VOTED AGAINST putting up “In God We Trust” signs!!!!

It’s always important to remember that this is just one battle in a bigger struggle for equality.  However, every time tax paying citizens are willing to stand up for themselves and educate others like Nikki has done, we move closer to a less divisive world.

I love this video.  It’s very hard to hear, but it’s an atheist in the local “Greater St Louis” region standing up for her beliefs with a wonderful argument for why we shouldn’t have a pledge with “… under God …” in it.  Awesome!  Well Done!