How many discussions about religious beliefs have you found to become sidetracked into obscure topics?

Examples from my experience include debates on literal interpretation of Biblical passages “from Hebrew” or figurative interpretations of an individuals unique perspective on the rules to get into Heaven.

I have found that discussions about religion in general often lack the appropriate understanding of the base structure of such religious beliefs. Rarely do the participants in the discussion start with the base assumptions of the topic before moving to higher ground.

Yet, these fundamental “constructs” make a HUGE difference in our shared understanding. Therefore, below is my view on the structure of religions.


I refer to these as the “Three Tiers of Religious Belief”.

I could also refer to this concept as the “Inverted Triangle of Religious Beliefs”. Continue Reading…

Coming soon to a theater near you … Another movie based on cruelty from the bible. This time, unlike “The Passion of Christ”, the cruelty is not that of man’s doing, but rather that of God of the Old Testament.

On March 28th, “Noah” will be released.

Directed by Darren Aronofsky for Paramount Pictures, it stars Russell Crowe as the title character.  WIth a budget over $100 million, the movie is expected to be a disaster movie of epic proportions (or should I say biblical proportions?).  Of course, the movie is about the Great Flood in which Noah and his family and some number of animals is saved from God’s wrath in a giant handmade ark.  We all know the story, and were probably taught it at a young age.

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December 16, 2013 — Leave a comment

I enjoy this time of year, for many reasons.

I love the music, the decorations, the time with friends and family … but I also LOVE the attention that atheism receives for fighting a battle against the ominous, dangerous, threatening, “baby in the barn”. Continue Reading…