I am a huge fan of Sam Harris.

He a brilliant author and speaker.  I enjoy his views on religion (obviously) but he also makes you think about reality and our state of being.  Most importantly, he presents (sometimes complex) arguments coherently and available for mass consumption.

The below is a quote from Sam Harris during a debate with William Lane Craig with an illustration (by Skeptisketch) to enhance the point being made. Continue Reading…

Jerry DeWitt … on Morning Joe.

Jerry is one of my favorite Atheists.  But dammit, I have so many.  How can you not just love this guy.

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Hello Dear Friends and Followers,

I am now color blind. I have been for some time.

I have sacrificed my color vision for you … so that you may see colors more vibrant, more alive, more brilliant than anything you can imagine. You will receive this gift after you die.

It is my gift to you and to all mankind. It is my reason for being.

I ask only for praise and absolute belief in my story. In return, I will see the world in grays and black and white so that you may experience amazing hues and contrasting colors in the afterlife.

Please spread my word and my gift with your friends.

I suffer in sepia so that you may be blessed in technicolor.

- The ArchAtheist.com