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Does Atheism Require Faith? – The American Spectator

I recently read an article that was way too long to make the point it intended.  It went from the question of “Does Atheism Require Faith“, the title of the article, to a defensive view against atheism in 520 words.  It was in American Spectator’s “The Spectacle Blog“.  I knew little of the magazine, and have drawn the conclusion that there is a conservative bias to the articles (perhaps I am understating this bias).

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Playing on a common phrase:  Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results … here’s how I view insanity.  There’s a reason the guy is praying in the picture.


Definition of insanity



(aka What Would Christopher Hitchens Do?)

I have a friend (a friend of a friend really, but still a friend) on Facebook that

has been “born again”.  Her posts on Facebook are starting to get me upset.  Most recently, she posted the post below (I’ve ___’ed the name of her child for privacy).


praise Jesus!! after a puke fest this am and some prayer for healing, _____ is better!! We are on our way to get family pics!!


I spoke to some people I respect about this.  The question they asked me was whether it OFFENDED me?

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