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I love this video.  It’s very hard to hear, but it’s an atheist in the local “Greater St Louis” region standing up for her beliefs with a wonderful argument for why we shouldn’t have a pledge with “… under God …” in it.  Awesome!  Well Done!



December 16, 2013 — Leave a comment

I enjoy this time of year, for many reasons.

I love the music, the decorations, the time with friends and family … but I also LOVE the attention that atheism receives for fighting a battle against the ominous, dangerous, threatening, “baby in the barn”. Continue Reading…

I am a huge fan of Sam Harris.

He a brilliant author and speaker.  I enjoy his views on religion (obviously) but he also makes you think about reality and our state of being.  Most importantly, he presents (sometimes complex) arguments coherently and available for mass consumption.

The below is a quote from Sam Harris during a debate with William Lane Craig with an illustration (by Skeptisketch) to enhance the point being made. Continue Reading…