Why are atheists so angry? AKA “Why THIS atheist IS angry.”

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GODLESS-america-atheist-adsIn no way do I pretend to speak for all “atheists”, but I will tell you exactly why, as an atheist I get angry.

No, it’s not because of proselytizing (at all … I tend to like those that try).

Why this atheist is angry

Our society has progressed and evolved in positive ways by acting according to a set of rules. mores, or guidelines.  The rules are mostly unwritten, but are generally simple.

  • An important “rule” of society involves our beliefs. We (society) accepts something as true when it has been proven or validated.


  • A food is safe when our predecessors would eat it and not get sick.  However, now that science has progressed, the FDA will scientifically test it (in the US) (via the scientific method) to be free from dangerous chemicals or other carcinogens.
  • Industry develops around advances in science (again proven through the scientific method).  Our economy revolves around logic.  Business decisions are made based on logical considerations of cause and effect based on data.

LOGIC and RATIONALITY drive our economy.

As a side note, arts and culture diverge from logic, but art is an “escape” from reality.  For example, fictional stories, movies, songs, and paintings let the viewer immerse their imagination in the art.

Religion and spirituality has NO basis in logic or science.

And yet, many seemingly intelligent people, guide their life through religious dogma.  This is either due to intellectual laziness or in direct opposition of societal norms around intelligent decision making.  Then, they have the nerve suggest that I accept that belief system that is an affront to societal norms or they will be offended when it is challenged?  I find that offensive and upsetting.


what can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence

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