WWCHD? How would Hitch handle Facebook?

October 3, 2012 — Leave a comment



(aka What Would Christopher Hitchens Do?)

I have a friend (a friend of a friend really, but still a friend) on Facebook that

has been “born again”.  Her posts on Facebook are starting to get me upset.  Most recently, she posted the post below (I’ve ___’ed the name of her child for privacy).


praise Jesus!! after a puke fest this am and some prayer for healing, _____ is better!! We are on our way to get family pics!!


I spoke to some people I respect about this.  The question they asked me was whether it OFFENDED me?

YES … It offends me.  Why?


My friend would like to believe that Jesus reached out and helped her child stop vomiting?  All the while, Jesus decided not to help thousands of other children who were suffering and dying at the same time?  Did they not pray hard enough?  Thumbs down.

So … now … WWCHD?

  • Fight on Facebook?  Somewhat immature?  Or no?
  • Or un-friend?  Is this over-reacting?
  • Or ignore?  It’s tough, but I can ignore ignorance.


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